Atma Namaste !! Welcome To GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram , Pune


1. "Cancellation & Refund Policy"

Any participant coming to GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram to attend the Yoga & Meditation events and wishes to cancel / get a refund, the following rules shall be applicable. 

A) Cancellations intimated to the Ashram, prior to start of the event, 100% of the total amount, after deducting the GST if applicable, shall be refunded and given to the participant.

B) Cancellations intimated to the Ashram, after the start of the event, 100% of the total amount shall be forfeited and no refund shall be given to the participant. 

2. "Environmental Friendly"

GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram is moving towards becoming Environmental Friendly.

We request all the participants arriving at the Ashram for visit, stay and for participating in the events, to please carry their own bottles & cups.

Thank you for your kind co-operation and contribution in making GMCKS Ashram & this world a better place.

We wish you all a blissful experience at the Ashram.

3. "Pranic Healing on TV"

Pranic Healing is now on Tata Sky Gurus from 28th April onwards everyday at 7am, 5pm, 10pm IST

If you have a Tata Sky connection, give a missed call from your registered mobile number to - 89847 89847

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AY Level 3+ Full Moon Meditation


March Events:

Senior Retreat 2019 : 19-23 March


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New to Pranic Healing

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is credited with the development of an energy healing system using more effectively and efficiently prana or ki, which is the life force that keeps the body alive. Albeit a trained Chemical Engineer and successful businessman, he spent more than 30 years researching and studying literature and books on esoteric sciences, examining and sorting through their various healing techniques, and eventually developing the concepts, principles, techniques, and practical applications of Pranic Healing as it is widely known today Continue reading “Grand Master Choa Kok Sui” »

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art that utilizes prana or life energy to heal ailments in the body. Ancient cultures practiced similar modes of healing known as shamanic healing, divine healing, healing by mantra, among others.

In its existing form, Pranic Healing has been painstakingly, systematically, scientifically developed, revealed and taught globally by Master Choa Kok Sui. Continue reading “What is Pranic Healing?” »

Benefits of Pranic Healing

  1. Pranic Healing benefits both the person receiving treatment and the Pranic Healer. The benefits are cumulative.
  2. Complementary to orthodox or western medical treatment.
  3. Increases the rate of healing by three or more than the normal rate of healing. Continue reading “Benefits of Pranic Healing” »

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Codes of Conduct

Job Title:

Resident Front Desk Executive Male

Years of Experience:

Min 2 - 3 yrs

Job Profile:

In Hospitality Sector With Good Communication Skills

Job Title:

Resident Civil Engineer (B.E) Male

Years of Experience:

Min 5 - 6 yrs

Job Profile:

Construction Field

Job Title:

Shop Attendant Male (Graduate)

Years of Experience:

Min 2 - 3 yrs

Job Profile:

Handling Retail Shop



 1) Where is the Ashram ?

The MCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram is situated at village Nive in Mulshi Taluka, District Pune. It is about 70 Kms from Pune City and about 220 Kms from Mumbai.

  2) Which are the airports close to the Ashram?

Pune airport is the closest airport. Mumbai domestic and International Airports can also be considered for reaching the Ashram.

 3) Which are the railway stations close to the Ashram ?

Pune Railway Station is the closest railway station.

 4) What is the distance from Mumbai to the Ashram?

Mumbai to the Ashram is a distance of about 220 Kms. Visitors may travel along the Mumbai-Pune Express highway and reach Chandni Chowk in Kothrud area. From here one has to turn towards the Ashram and go a further 55 Kms.

5) What is the distance from Pune to the Ashram?

From Pune to the Ashram, the distance is 70 Kms. The visitors will have to follow Paud Road and pass through Pirangut, Paud and go towards Mulshi. After reaching Mulshi, the road passes thru Tamhini village and reaches Nive Village. Immediately after Nive village, the road branches out and the branch leads to the Ashram. The Ashram is just one kilometer from this diversion.

6) What are taxi charges for drop from Mumbai to Ashram?

The present taxi charges from Mumbai to Ashram are Rs.3500 for one way drop. The charges include toll charges and the charges are payable to the taxi driver on reaching the Ashram. Similar charge of Rs.3500 is applicable for the return trip. The charges may be shared among the visitors sharing the taxi and about 4-5 persons can travel in a taxi. 

7) What are the taxi charges for drop from Pune to Ashram?

The present taxi charges from Pune to Ashram are Rs.1800 for one way drop. The charges include toll charges and the same have to be paid to the driver on reaching the Ashram. The charges may be shared among the visitors sharing the taxi and about 4-5 persons can travel in a taxi. 


Can a taxi be arranged to travel to the Ashram from Mumbai/Pune?


Taxis can be arranged by the Ashram on request being sent to the Ashram on gmail . The details that are required for booking the taxi are – name/s of the visitor/s, date & time off arrival, mode of travel, train/flight number and the carrier. Mobile number of at least one person in the group is required to facilitate communicating the vehicle details. Taxis should be booked at least two days before the arrival.


The monsoon is from June to September and the rains may be heavy. October, November can be warm followed by winter months Decemeber, January. From February onwards the summer sets in and it will be warm.   


Can our mobiles work at the Ashram?


The Ashram is situated between a mountain and a valley and only some mobiles work at the Ashram in limited areas.


Does the Ashram have Internet and can the guests use the same?


The Ashram does have Internet facility but at the moment the Ashram faces a problem of connectivity. The guests may use the Internet in case of very important work only. The guests should use this service to the minimum. 


Does the Ashram have meditation CDs, sound system or does one have to bring them?


The Ashram has CDs for the meditations required for the Arhatic Practitioners. The Ashram also has a sound system for use in the meditation Halls.


Does the Ashram have an OHP/LCD projector, laptop for presentation?


The Administrative Building provides a classroom in which OHP/LCD projectors are available. Laptop computer is also available and the Arhatic Yogis may bring their presentation on back up devices.


Are there chairs available in meditation halls or does one have to sit on the floor?


Chairs are available for use in both the meditation halls as well as all the other places such as dining hall, administration office, units. Sitting on floor is optional and not compulsory.


Do I carry mineral water for drinking purposes?


Mineral water is provided for drinking purposes and jars of 20 litres are provided in individual units, meditation halls etc. The guests need not bring their own mineral water.


Does the Ashram provide bed and linen?


Each Unit has two beds with mattress, linen, pillow and blanket and


What is the type of food served in the Ashram?


The Ashram provides vegetarian food only. Breakfast consists of bread butter with jam, corn flakes, snacks such as Idli, Wada, Poha etc and is as per a schedule. Tea and coffee vending machines are provided in the dining hall and administrative building. The lunch and dinner consists of rice, chapattis, dal, vegetable, salad. Chinese is also served at times consisting of noodles, veg fried rice, veg Manchurian and at times the kitchen also provides pasta. The food is non spicy and simple but rich in nutritious value and sumptious. It is simple and enjoyable by all.


Is there a necessities shoppe at the Ashram for urgent requirements?


At the moment, there is no shop in or around the Ashram. Urgent necessities can be obtained from the Admin Office. In case the items are not available, they will have to be procured during the next visit to Pune for purchases.


Where can I change my money to Indian Rupees? Can the Ashram arrange the same?


The Ashram does not have any money changing facility. In case the same is required, the Admin staff will assist in getting the money exchanged from Pune during their regular visits.


How do I make the payment for the stay and board etc?


All payments for stay, board have to be made in cash. At par cheques of Indian Banks are accepted. No cheques on banks outside India are permissible. Similarly the Ashram cannot accept donations from foreigners or any other person giving an address outside India.


Can one make payment via credit card?


Payments via credit card are not acceptable.


Can one make payment by cheque?


Cheques can be made in favor of “Arhatic Yoga Ashram Management Trust” and should be on any bank in India.


In what name should the draft be made?


The cheque / draft has to be made in the name “Arhatic Yoga Ashram Management Trust” and should be payable at Pune.


Can one make payment in cash at the Ashram?


We encourage the guests to make their payments by cheque/DD in advance along with the registration for the event. Additional payments can be made at the Ashram in cash. The Ashram provides a receipt for the payment made. 


Are donations to the Ashram exempted under IT Act?


Donations to the Ashram are exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 and the exemption is renewed by the Income Tax department every three years. The present registration is valid until 31.3.2012.


Is there a laundry facility at the Ashram?


Laundry facility is offered to the guests and the Ashram requires at least two-three days for washing and ironing. The guest should avail of the facility provided there is sufficient time for his departure.


What does one need to carry for short duration – a week, fortnight, month … ?


It is better to travel light. You may bring your towels, suitable clothes considering the time of the year. During rainy season(June to August), guests may bring their rain clothes, rain shoes etc. Apart from this the normal clothes may be brought. The clothes should be light colored and should not be revealing in any form. Plunging necklines, sleeveless clothes may not be included and the participants need to follow the dress code at the Ashram.     


Does the Ashram conduct all the courses specified for Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga?


The Ashram conducts only those courses which are allotted by the Acharyas and all the courses are not conducted at the Ashram. Normally the preliminary Basic courses are not conducted at the Ashram. The Ashram is a spiritual resort for intensive practice, higher courses, study and meditations. 


What is daily schedule at the Ashram?


The daily Ashram consists of meditations in the morning, book studies & discussions in the afternoon, walk in the evening and special sessions planned by the Acharyas. The Arhatic meditations are conducted as per a fixed schedule and the participants are expected to follow the schedule at the Ashram.


Does the Ashram have a library? What books are there are there in the library?


The Ashram has a library. All the books written by GMCKS are available. In addition, the library carries books on Theosophy, Yoga written by renowned authors. 


Who can visit the Ashram? Who are allowed to stay at the Ashram?


All pranic healers and Arhatic practitioners can visit the Ashram. Prior permission of the management for a visit to the Ashram. Only Arhatic practitioners are allowed to  stay at the Ashram.


Are children allowed at the Ashram?


Children under 16 years are not allowed at the Ashram as per the Grandmaster’s instructions.


How does one register for an event?


Right to admission is reserved by the management. Interested persons may write a mail to.... and procure the details of the events. Registration can be done by filling the form and making the payment of the registration charges. In case of higher courses, it may be necessary for the forms to be sent to the Acharyas for scanning and selection. 



Pune office Address -

Arhatic Yoga Ashram Management Trust,

24,Orion Apartments, 

Off University Road, Model Colony,

Pune 411016

Landmarks : 1. Old LIC Building,

2. Pune Central Mall


Public Transport to Ashram is available from Swargate Bus Stand, Pune.

1. Swargate - Waduste Bus

Starting at 10:00 am Swargate Bus stand platform no 7 or 8

Reaches Ashram by 1:00pm

 2. Swargate - Tailbail Bus

Staring at 3;00pm Swargate Bus Stand Platform no 7 or 8

Reaches Ashram by 6:30pm

Ask for Pimpri ticket, fare is approximately Rs.100/-

To Pune

1. Waduste  -Swargate - Bus

   2:30 pm  at Ashram Gate Reaches Swargate by 6:00pm

2. Tailbail - Swargate Bus

    7:00 am  at Ashram Gate Reaches Swargate by 10:30am 

GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram

The GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram was Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Vision and Dream. It holds and important part of his mission to spread the teachings of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Master was dedicated to build a beautiful and comfortable Ashram where serious practioners of Arhatic Yoga from around the world could come and practice intensively.The GMCKS Arhatic Yogis can learn and grow spirituality. 

Founder Of GMCKS
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Meditation Hall
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Feel The Heaven on The Earth
Sr.No. Event Name Event Start Event End Check In Check Out
1 Maharashtra Foundation Weekend 2-Mar 4-Mar 1-Mar 4-Mar
2 AY Prep Intensive Program 16-Mar 18-Mar 15-Mar 18-Mar
3 Mahasamadhi Day 19-Mar 19-Mar 18-Mar 19-Mar
4 Arhatic Yoga Senior Retreat 19 - Mar (start 3 pm) 23 - Mar (end 2 pm) 19-Mar 23-Mar
5 AY Level 3.1 & 3.2 (During Senior Retreat) 19 - Mar (start 3 pm) 23 - Mar (end 2 pm) 19-Mar 23-Mar
6 Arhatic Yoga Level 1 23 - Mar (start 9 am) 23 - Mar (end 7 pm) 22-Mar 23-Mar
7 Arhatic Yoga Level 2 Course - must review level 1 23 - Mar (start 9 am) 24 - Mar (end 2 pm) 22-Mar 24-Mar
8 Punjab Weekend 5-Apr 8-Apr 5-Apr 8-Apr
9 L3 Full Moon - Actual Day 19-Apr 19-Apr 18-Apr 19-Apr
10 AY Prep Full Moon - Nearest Sunday 21-Apr 21-Apr 21-Apr 21-Apr
11 Maharashtra Foundation Weekend (Pune-Nagpur Group) 15-May 18-May 15-May 18-May
12 Wesak 18-May 19-May 18-May 19-May
13 MCKS YVPHFT TN Foundation Weekend 23-May 26-May 23-May 26-May
14 PHTTN Foundation Weekend 30-May 2-Jun 30-May 2-Jun
15 Malaysia Thailand Weekend 5-Jun 12-Jun 5-Jun 12-Jun
16 Above 35 Program 6-Jun 9-Jun 5-Jun 9-Jun
17 Instructors Conference 11-Jun 13-Jun 10-Jun 13-Jun
18 AY Prep Full Moon - Nearest Sunday 16-Jun 16-Jun 16-Jun 16-Jun
19 L3 Full Moon - Actual Day 17-Jun 17-jun 16-Jun 17-Jun
20 Arhatic Yoga Prep Level  22-Jun 23-Jun 21-Jun 23-Jun
21 Monsoon 5 Weeks Intensive Program 24-Jun 28-Jul 24-Jun 28-Jul
22 Maharashtra Foundation Weekend (Dombivali Group) 13-Jul 15-Jul 12-Jul 15-Jul
23 Guru Poornima 16-Jul 16-Jul 15-Jul 16-Jul
24 Cochin Foundation Weekend 19-Jul 22-Jul 18-Jul 22-Jul
25 AY Prep Intensive Program 8-Aug 11-Aug 7-Aug 11-Aug
26 Higher Clairvoyance 13-Aug 14-Aug 12-Aug 14-Aug
27 GMCKS Birthday Celebration 15-Aug 15-Aug 14-Aug 15-Aug
28 Arhatic Yoga Level 1 Course 17 - Aug   (start 9 am) 17 - Aug  (end 7 pm) 16-Aug 17-Aug
29 Arhatic Yoga Level 2 Course - must review level 1 17 - Aug   (start 9 am) 18 - Aug  (end 2 pm) 16-Aug 18-Aug
30 TTC by Sriram & Sumi 19 - Aug  (start 3 pm) 25 - Aug  (end 2 pm) 19-Aug 25-Aug
31 Rajasthan Foundation Weekend 29-Aug 1-Sep 29-Aug 1-Sep
32 PHTTN Foundation Weekend 10-Sep 15-Sep 10-Sep 15-Sep
33 L3 Full Moon - Actual Day 14-Sep 14-Sep 13-Sep 14-Sep
34 AY Prep Full Moon - Nearest Sunday 15-Sep 15-Sep 15-Sep 15-Sep
35 AY Level 3+ One Month Intensive Program 23-Sep 20-Oct 22-Sep 20-Oct
36 Trustees Retreat 24 - Sep (start 9 am) 26 - Sep  (till 2 pm) 23-Sep 26-Sep
37 Karnataka Foundation Weekend 28-Sep 2-Oct 28-Sep 2-Oct
38 YVPHF West Bengal Foundation Weekend 11-Oct 13-Oct 11-Oct 13-Oct
39 AY Prep Full Moon - Nearest Sunday 13-Oct 13-Oct 13-Oct 13-Oct
40 L3 Full Moon - Actual Day 13-Oct 13-Oct 12-Oct 13-Oct
41 Calicut Foundation Weekend 17-Oct 20-Oct 17-Oct 20-Oct
42 Swiss Week 26-Oct 2-Nov 26-Oct 2-Nov
43 Pan Africa Week 3-Nov 10-Nov 3-Nov 10-Nov
44 AY Level 3 Intensive (By Invitation Only) 5 - Nov (from 9 am) 7 - Nov   (till 7 pm) 4-Nov 7-Nov
45 AY Prep Full Moon - Nearest Sunday 10-Nov 10-Nov 10-Nov 10-Nov
46 L3 Full Moon - Actual Day 12-Nov 12-Nov 11-Nov 12-Nov
47 Jharkhand Foundation Weekend 15-Nov 17-Nov 14-Nov 18-Nov
48 MCKS PHF WB Foundation Weekend 22-Nov 24-Nov 22-Nov 25-Nov
49 Middle East Weekend 29-Nov 2-Dec 29-Nov 2-Dec
50 Maharashtra Foundation Weekend 5-Dec 8-Dec 5-Dec 8-Dec
51 L3 Full Moon - Actual Day 12-Dec 12-Dec 11-Dec 12-Dec
52 AY Prep Level  14-Dec 15-Dec 13-Dec 15-Dec
53 December Fortnight 14-Dec 30-Dec 13-Dec 30-Dec
54 New Year Event 31-Dec 1-Jan 31-Dec 1-Jan

+91-99224 02071 / +91 9146046819


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